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ApartDirect offers 7 apartment hotels in popular locations in Stockholm: 1 apart hotel in the City Center, 3 apartment hotels in Stockholm’s Old Town, 1 apart hotel in a business district Solna , 1 in Älvsjö ,1 more apartment hotel in a peaceful and eco-friendly Hammarby Sjöstad district and also our newest apartment hotel in Gröndal. Please see the list below. Do you prefer to stay in a hotel apartment during your stay in Stockholm? Are you on vacation or business trip, traveling with family or friends? Looking for a comfortable serviced apartment for rent in Stockholm? With ApartDirect Stockholm you will always find a perfect hotel apartment that feels just like home. With more space and privacy, the ability to wash your own clothes, cook your own meals, our hotel apartments are a homelike and cost effective alternative to a hotel stay. Our apart hotels offer you more space and privacy for less money! With our large selection of serviced apartments, we are confident that you will find your perfect accommodation in Stockholm.

ApartDirect Hammarby Sjöstad

ApartDirect Hammarby Sjöstad

ApartDirect Sveavägen

ApartDirect Sveavägen

ApartDirect Gamla Stan

ApartDirect Gamla Stan

ApartDirect Gamla Stan II

ApartDirect Gamla Stan II

ApartDirect Solna

ApartDirect Solna

ApartDirect Älvsjö

ApartDirect Älvsjö

ApartDirect Gröndal

ApartDirect Gröndal

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ApartDirect offers a discounted price for stays longer than 30 nights. Please send us a request at info@apartdirect.com

90+ nights (for corporate clients only)

ApartDirect offers a number of corporate apartments for a long-term agreement in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Linköping. The fees are fixed, and vary depending on the apartments and location. See the list of our business apartments

Stockholm Guide
    • Stockholm Guide for Apartment Hotel Guests

      Stockholm Guide for Apartment Hotel Guests

      <p>Stockholm, built on a lot of small islands and surrounded by water, is an amazingly beautiful and relaxed city. The city is absolutely gorgeous with lots of free museum, strolled in vintage shops, fancy department stores, green parks and beautiful architecture.</p>

    • City Hall

      City Hall

      <p>City Hall with its beautiful architecture and interesting history is a place that leaves you breathless. It is Stockholm's most exclusive party venue - the annual Nobel prize celebration dinner is held here.</p>

    • The Vasa Museum

      The Vasa Museum

      <p>The heart of this exceptional museum is a 17teenth century royal battleship that rested on the bottom of the ocean for almost 350 years. This is the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world! The size and the details of the ship are truly amazing.</p>

    • NK - Nordiska Kompaniet

      NK - Nordiska Kompaniet

      <p><span>Nordiska Kompaniet (</span>NK) is Stockholm’s most luxurious department store, opened in 1915. Ever since, the store receives millions of visitors every year. Everything from swedish and international fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, design and much more can be found here.</p>

    • Gamla Stan (Old Town) - the historic heart of Stockholm

      Gamla Stan (Old Town) - the historic heart of Stockholm

      <p>Step back <span>in </span>time<span> by visiting the </span>Gamla Stan<em>, </em><span>medieval </span>Old Town<em>, </em>which is full of fascinating museums and historical sights. This island is Stockholm's top tourist spot!</p>

    • Abba Museum

      Abba Museum

      <p>If you love music from the 20th century and especially ABBA, this is a museum worth visiting! It has interesting and personal exhibitions about ABBA. The interactive displays are brilliant and included karaoke, dancing on the stage and quizzes.</p>

    • Fotografiska – Museum of Photography

      Fotografiska – Museum of Photography

      <p>It is a great place to visit if you are into photography. Located by the sea, this museum has a good restaurant with a stunning view over Stockholm. Fantastic location, museum and food!</p>

    • Maritime museum

      Maritime museum

      <p>Interested in naval history, merchant shipping and shipbuilding? Then this is an excellent place to visit! Very family friendly museum and it's for free. Do not miss a really nice playroom in the basement of the museum.</p>

    • Sergel's Square

      Sergel's Square

      <p>Named after the 18th century famous sculptor, this square is the most central public square and a popular meeting place in Stockholm. There is an ellipse shaped fountain in the square with an interesting "glass" obelisk in its center. The square is lively and crowded at all times.</p>

    • Kungsträdgården park

      Kungsträdgården park

      <p>Kungsträdgården or Kungsan is a public park in historic royal garden. Its central location and its outdoor cafes, restaurants as well as events make it one of the most popular hangouts spot in Stockholm. In winter the park offers a free open-air ice skating – “a must do” for all winter visitors to Stockholm.</p>

    • Stockholm Globe Arena

      Stockholm Globe Arena

      <p>Ericsson Globe is the world’s largest spherical building and an indoor arena for concerts and hockey. While visiting the arena you can also take breathtaking ride in a gondola to the top (130 metres) of the globe – the Skyview attraction is very popular among tourists.</p>

    • The Nordic museum

      The Nordic museum

      <p>The museum addresses Sweden's roots culturally; you will find everything you want to know about Scandinavian traditions in housing, furniture, costumes, folk arts and Sami culture. The building of the museum is so magnificent and stunning that it is hard to pass it by.</p>

    • Kaknäs Tower

      Kaknäs Tower

      <p><span>This television tower offers a fantastic panoramic view over Stockholm. There is also a café, restaurant and sky bar at your convenience located on top floors of the tower.</span></p>

    • Djurgården Island

      Djurgården Island

      <p>This green oasis is a must visit island in Stockholm. Once the king's private hunting ground, the island now offers a fantastic park with most popular tourist attractions: Skansen (outdoor museum and zoo), Vasa Museum, Gröna Lund (Tivoli), Abba Museum etc.</p>

    • Sightseeing by boat

      Sightseeing by boat

      <p>Tired of walking around the city? Take a relaxing boat tour and explore Stockholm from water. Since Stockholm is such a water city, it is definitely worth it. On top of that you are usually given a good history lesson along the way.</p>

    • Stockholm with Kids

      Stockholm with Kids

      <p>Stockholm has a lot to offer to families with kids, it is a kids paradise! <span>There are plenty of attractions and activities for families, most of the museums are interactive and have child- friendly exhibitions</span><em>. </em>Here is the list of the top fun attractions for kids and teens!</p>

    • Swedish Museum of Natural History and Cosmonova

      Swedish Museum of Natural History and Cosmonova

      Visit one of the biggest museum in Sweden about nature and mankind development. Experience nine exciting exhibitions about the universe and the earth, animals and plants. Enjoy a great experience of watching adventure films in 2D or digital 3D under Cosmonova’s 760-square meter (8,000+ sq. ft.) dome.

    • Gröna Lund / Djurgården

      Gröna Lund / Djurgården

      <p>This theme park is a must-go for thrill seekers - lots of roller coasters, variety of rides and a haunted house. A fun day for the whole family!</p>

    • Junibacken -world´s best children´s museum

      Junibacken -world´s best children´s museum

      <p>This children´s museum is one of the most-visited tourist attraction in Stockholm. Experience an exciting day in Junibacken and explore the magical world of Astrid Lingren. Have a ride on a Story Train or enjoy the performance in museum´s theater!</p>

    • Post Museum

      Post Museum

      <p>Ready to discover the history of the postal service around the world? Then this is the place! Excellent exhibits, a fantastic collection of stamps, great food and nice children area – the lilla posten, where kids can make their own stamps and even post a letter for free.</p>

    • Stockholm Transport Museem

      Stockholm Transport Museem

      Take a seat in a horse tram, drive an underground train or go on-board of the bus from the 1960s… This museum has much more to offer!

    • Water Museum

      Water Museum

      <p> Aquaria Water Museum gives you the chance to experience living Amazon rainforest where you can physically experience the humidity,heat, storm, rain thunder and lightning and at the same time be very close to living fish. A great place to take young children!</p>

    • Skansen – oldest open-air museum in the world

      Skansen – oldest open-air museum in the world

      <p>This open museum is a great place for animal lovers willing to explore the Nordic animals. It also offers a great look back on how people used to live in Sweden. You can see real craftsmen in costumes inside the old workshops delivering living history experiences and showing how the work was done back in the old times.</p>

    • Swedish History Museum

      Swedish History Museum

      <p>Great museum for history lovers! It covers the history from the Iron Age, Vikings and up to present Sweden. The exhibitions are children-friendly and there are activities for kids as well, especially in summer (a viking market, etc).</p>

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